Tensiline Performance Experiencia


Tensiline® is the result of the research, experience and passion for hard work of Vertisol Internacional. The entire manufacturing process is carried out in our facilities so that we can fully guarantee the highest level of performance.


Thanks to its mechanical qualities and manufacturing process, Tensiline® fabric is a long-lasting product that does not lose its shape over time and is extremely resistant to tears and fading.

Tensiline Performance Duradero
Tensiline Performance Confortable


Tensiline® is a comfortable product designed for people. It doesn’t produce unpleasant odours nor does it contain any harmful substances for people or the environment. The fabric is designed to allow ventilation and, as a result, it is quick drying.


Tensiline® is an ideal fabric for the harsh conditions of outdoor use. It doesn’t require any special maintenance and is extremely easy to clean. Thanks to its mesh structure and special flat-spun material, it has high dimensional stability. Its anti-bacterial and anti-mould treatment have made it a benchmark fabric in the outdoor furniture sector.

Tensiline Performance Exterior
Tensiline Performance Certificado IMO

IMO Certificate

Its special composition makes it fire-resistant and prevents rust and surface damage even in highly saline environments. Tensiline® complies with the strictest standards in the nautical sector such as IMO Certificate Resolution A652(16). The fabrics are certified by the International Maritime Organisation. Wheelmark is an essential requirement for all equipment intended for use in a marine environment.